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Estée Lauder
Estée Lauder

Who was Estée Lauder?

Estée Lauder was a famous American businesswoman who started a successful cosmetics company. She was born in 1906 and passed away in 2004. Estée Lauder's company is known for making high-quality skincare, makeup, and fragrances. She believed in the idea that every woman could look and feel beautiful. 

Estée Lauder's hard work and dedication turned her small business into a global beauty empire. Her brand is still popular today, and you can find her products in many stores. Estée Lauder's legacy continues to inspire people in the beauty industry.

Wikipedia Profile

Full Name

Josephine Esther Mentzer

Known As

Estée Lauder

Date of Birth

July 01, 1908


95 years (at the time of death)

Birth Place

Corona, Queens, New York City, U.S.


Businesswoman, Co-founder of The Estée Lauder Companies






Hungarian Jewish

Death Place

Manhattan, New York City, U.S.


What was the ethnicity of Estée Lauder? Her ethnicity was Hungarian-Jewish.


When did Estée Lauder die? She died on April 24, 2004 at the age of 95 years.

Educational Career


Newtown High School

Alma Mater


Highest Qualification


Professional Career

Estée Lauder had a remarkable professional career in the beauty industry. She started her journey in the 1940s when she and her husband, Joseph Lauder, began making and selling skincare products in New York City. Estée was passionate about helping women feel more beautiful and confident.

One of her early breakthroughs was creating a special cream called "Super Rich All-Purpose Crème," which gained popularity. Her dedication to quality and innovation set her products apart from others. Estée Lauder believed in giving customers samples and personalized advice, which helped her build a loyal following.

In the 1950s, she launched her first fragrance, "Youth-Dew," which became a sensation and is still sold today. Her business expanded globally, reaching customers worldwide. Estée Lauder's brand was known for its luxurious packaging and effective products.

Throughout her career, she pioneered the concept of "gift with purchase" promotions, which became a standard practice in the beauty industry. She also introduced makeup products that were both glamorous and good for the skin.

Estée Lauder's hard work and determination turned her small company into a cosmetics giant. Her legacy continues, with the Estée Lauder brand being a symbol of beauty and quality. Her professional journey is an inspiring example of how dedication and a passion for helping others can lead to tremendous success.

Height & Weight







Hair Color


Eye Color


What was the height of Estée Lauder? Any details about her height is not available.

Net Worth

What was the Net Worth of Estée Lauder? Her net worth is $40 Billion (as of 2023) (approx).

Family, Marital Status, Husband

Marital Status



Joseph Lauder ​ ​(m. 1930; div. 1939)​ ​

​(m. 1942; died 1983)

Father / Mother

Father : Max Mentzer

Mother : Rose Schotz


2 Children

Social Media

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  • LinkedIn


Q. What religion Estée Lauder followed?

A. Estée Lauder was a Jewish from religion.

Q. Who was the husband of Estée Lauder?

A. Estée Lauder was married to Joseph Lauder ​ ​(m. 1930; div. 1939)​ ​ ​(m. 1942; died 1983). She had 2 children.

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