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This blog is about Brandy Ledford. It tells us about her life, like her age, height, and family. Brandy is from America and Canada. She did modeling and acting, and she likes dancing too. The blog talks about her net worth and her social media presence. It's a cool way to know more about Brandy Ledford!

Who is Brandy Ledford?

Brandy Lee Ledford, born on February 4, 1969, is a well-known American actress and model. She gained fame as the "Pet of the Year" in Penthouse magazine's 1992 edition. Her acting journey led her to notable roles in popular television series and films.

Brandy Ledford
Brandy Ledford

You might recognize her as Desiree from the hit TV show Modern Family, where she brought a character to life with her acting skills. She also made waves as Dawn Masterton in the exciting series Baywatch Hawaii, where she portrayed a lifeguard saving lives on the beautiful beaches of Hawaii.

Brandy's talent doesn't stop there – she embraced the realm of science fiction in the television series Andromeda, taking on the role of Doyle, a character who navigates a futuristic world filled with intriguing adventures.

Beyond her on-screen accomplishments, Brandy Ledford's personal life also saw its share of stories. With a journey marked by determination, she emerged as a prominent figure in the entertainment industry.

Brandy's versatile career showcases her ability to captivate audiences and breathe life into diverse characters. From her beginnings as a model to her unforgettable roles on television, Brandy Ledford's legacy continues to inspire and entertain, leaving an indelible mark on the world of entertainment.


Brandy Ledford is an actress, dancer, and former model from America and Canada. She was born on February 4th to parents Sandra and Ken Ledford. Her mom is from Canada with New Zealand roots, and her dad has Cherokee Indian heritage from North Carolina. Brandy grew up in Redondo Beach, CA, with her mom, younger sister, and brothers. When she was young, she fell in love with dancing and even won the World Drill Team championships in 1980 by competing in local and national competitions.

After finishing school at Redondo Union High School, Brandy began her modeling career. She lived in different places like Japan, New York, and Canada, traveling all around the world for her modeling and dancing. From 1993 to 1996, she went to the Baron Brown Studio in Los Angeles to learn acting with DW Brown. She kept learning and training with Margie Haber at the Margie Haber Studio for many more years. Brandy Ledford's journey is filled with her passion for dancing, her global adventures, and her dedication to honing her acting skills.

Wikipedia Profile

Full Name

Brandy Lee Ledford

Known As


Date of Birth

February 4, 1969


54 years (as of 2023)

Birth Place

Denver, Colorado, USA


Actress, Model


American, Canadian




American, Canadian

Current Location



What is the ethnicity of Brandy Ledford? Her ethnicity is mixed of American and Canadian.


What is the age of Brandy Ledford? Her current age is 54 years (as of 2023).


What is the religion of Brandy Ledford? She follows christianity.


Brandy Ledford's journey in the world of entertainment has been a fascinating one, marked by a desire for exploration and a commitment to her passions. After finishing school, Brandy chose a career in modeling, a path that put her studies on hold for a while. While she found success on the runway, she felt a yearning for something more exciting – acting. Her true passion led her to the Johann Baron School of Dramatic Art in California, where she honed her acting skills.

Brandy Ledford Career
Brandy Ledford Career

Even as she continued her modeling pursuits, Brandy was on the lookout for acting opportunities. In 1991, she made her debut on television through Penthouse Magazine's "Luxury Women, Luxury Cars" project. This well-known publication, famous for its content, invited Brandy for a photo shoot that garnered attention. In just a year, she earned the title "Penthouse Pet of the Year," a significant recognition that opened doors for her in the entertainment industry.

Her cinematic debut arrived in 1993 when she landed a cameo role in the cult action film "The Destroyer," starring alongside S. Stallone and W. Snipes. Following this, she appeared in minor roles in films like "Obscene Behavior," "The Last Beach," and even made an appearance in the television series "Married ... with Children."

The year 1998 was particularly eventful, as Brandy engaged in four projects simultaneously. She took on an episode in the TV series "Autodrom" and appeared in films like "Beyond the Possible," "Paradox," and "First Wave." However, it was in 1999 that her career truly flourished. On the set of the mystical series "Poltergeist: Legacy," she encountered her future husband, Canadian actor Martin Camins. That same year, she received an invitation to join "Rescuers Malibu," a venture promising both fame and financial rewards.

Brandy Ledford's filmography boasts an impressive fifty-seven roles, although she found her stride primarily on television rather than the big screen. Her success extended to projects like "Naval Police: Los Angeles" and "American Family," where she not only acted but also took on a producer's role.

A significant breakthrough in her career arrived with her participation in the popular American television series "Rescuers Malibu." This show, which aired for a decade starting from 1989, brought her character Dawn Masterton to life and earned her recognition among the general public. Dawn's presence lasted through the final season, spanning an impressive twenty-two episodes.

Brandy's acting prowess shone in various roles, and one of her notable performances was in the action-packed film "Trap for Swingers" (2001). Portraying a married couple alongside Cameron Deidu, Brandy effectively conveyed the complexities of their relationship.

In 2002, she achieved further success with her involvement in the American science fiction series "The Invisible Man," where she played the role of a special intelligence agent. Her journey in the world of sci-fi continued with the 2005 series "Andromeda," where she portrayed an android infused with human emotions.

Brandy Ledford's story is one of dedication, evolution, and embracing one's true passions. Her ability to captivate audiences across various roles and genres underscores her versatility and lasting impact in the entertainment industry.

Height & Weight




5 feet 7 inches or 170 cms (approx)


65 kg or 143 lbs (approx)

Hair Color


Eye Color


What is the height of Brandy Ledford? She has an attractive physique and a lovely appearance and has a height of 5 feet 7 inches (approx) and a weight of 65 kg (approx).

Net Worth

Brandy Ledford, a well-established actress with a net worth of approximately $5-7 Million, has crafted a remarkable career in the world of entertainment. Her journey as a successful actress has been marked by numerous unforgettable performances that have resonated with audiences far and wide.

Having achieved substantial fame and fortune through her work in showbiz, Brandy Ledford's net worth stands as a testament to her dedication and talent. While her contributions to the industry have undoubtedly garnered her substantial financial success, the specifics of her salary and other details remain shrouded in mystery. This secrecy surrounding her financial matters could be attributed to a desire for privacy in an otherwise public realm.

Her net worth, stemming from a thriving and enduring acting and modeling career spanning over two decades, underscores her ability to leave an enduring impact in the entertainment world. Brandy Ledford's journey, characterized by her exceptional performances and contributions, showcases the rewards of her hard work, dedication, and undeniable passion for her craft.

What is the Net Worth of Brandy Ledford? Her net worth is $5-7 Million (as of 2023) (approx).

Family, Marital Status, Husband

Brandy Ledford is single now. She has been married two times before. First, she married Damian Sanders, who was a snowboarder. They got married in the early 1990s. During that time, Brandy was also appearing in shows like Critical Condition and Snowboarders in Exile as herself. After a few years, they got divorced, but the exact reason for their separation is still not known to the public.

Brandy Ledford Personal Life
Brandy Ledford Personal Life

Later, she married Martin Cummins, a Canadian actor known for roles in "Dark Angel," "Riverdale," and "Poltergeist: The Legacy," in 1998. However, their marriage ended in 2004 after about 6 years. During her marriage to Cummins, Brandy became a mother to one child. Brandy Ledford's personal journey has seen its share of ups and downs, reflecting the complexities of life and relationships.

Marital Status



Damian Sanders, Martin Cummins

Father / Mother

Father: Ken Ledford

Mother: Sandra Ledford


1 Child

Who is the husband of Brandy Ledford? She was married to skater Damian Sanders in the early 1990s. She married Martin Cummins in 1998, and they have a child together. Brandy got separated from both the relationships.

Social Media

Brandy Ledford, who's usually in front of the camera as an actress and model, has also found joy behind it. In her spare time, she loves taking photos and has a knack for capturing beautiful moments.

Brandy has a big group of fans on social media, especially Instagram, where she often shares the pictures she's taken. Her posts let her connect with her followers and show a different side of herself.

Brandy Ledford has a strong presence on social media platforms, with a big fan following who appreciate her photography skills and insights into her life.

The social media links to his accounts in Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn & Instagram are given below:






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  • Brandy Ledford was born on February 4, 1969, in Denver, Colorado.
  • She gained fame as the 1992 Penthouse Magazine "Pet of the Year."
  • Brandy has appeared in popular TV shows like "Baywatch Hawaii" and "Andromeda."
  • She discovered her love for dancing at an early age and won the World Drill Team championships in 1980.
  • Brandy transitioned from modeling to pursue her true passion, acting.
  • She attended the Johann Baron School of Dramatic Art to refine her acting skills.
  • Brandy made her acting debut on television in 1991 through Penthouse Magazine's project.
  • She starred in the cult action movie "The Destroyer" alongside Stallone and Snipes.
  • Brandy married snowboarder Damian Sanders and Canadian actor Martin Cummins.
  • With over 50 roles in her filmography, Brandy continues to shine in the entertainment industry.


Q. When was Brandy Ledford born?

A. Brandy Ledford was born on February 4, 1969.

Q. What is Brandy Ledford known for?

A. She is known for being the 1992 Penthouse Magazine "Pet of the Year" and her roles in TV shows like "Baywatch Hawaii" and "Andromeda."

Q. Where did Brandy discover her love for dancing?

A. Brandy discovered her love for dancing at an early age and won the World Drill Team championships in 1980.

Q. What did Brandy study to improve her acting?

A. She attended the Johann Baron School of Dramatic Art to enhance her acting skills.

Q. When did Brandy make her acting debut?

A. Brandy made her acting debut on television in 1991 through Penthouse Magazine's project.

Q. Who did Brandy star alongside in "The Destroyer"?

A. Brandy starred alongside Stallone and Snipes in the cult action movie "The Destroyer."

Q. How many marriages has Brandy Ledford had?

A. Brandy has been married twice, first to snowboarder Damian Sanders and then to Canadian actor Martin Cummins.

Q. How many roles does Brandy have in her filmography?

A. Brandy has over 50 roles in her filmography.

Q. What TV shows did Brandy participate in?

A. Brandy participated in popular TV shows like "Baywatch Hawaii" and "Andromeda."

Q. What is Brandy Ledford's birthplace?

A. Brandy Ledford was born in Denver, Colorado.


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