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Arianna Huffington
Arianna Huffington

Who is Arianna Huffington?

Arianna Huffington is a well-known writer and media personality. She co-founded The Huffington Post, a popular news website. Arianna was born in Greece and later became a U.S. citizen. She's written many books and is known for her views on well-being and sleep. She's also been involved in politics and social causes. Arianna Huffington is famous for her work in journalism and her efforts to promote healthy living and balance in life.

Wikipedia Profile

Full Name

Arianna Stassinopoulos Huffington

Known As

Arianna Huffington

Date of Birth

July 15, 1950


73 years (as of 2023)

Birth Place

Athens, Greece


Author, Businesswoman, Founder of The Huffington Post Founder and CEO of Thrive Global


American, Greek


Follower of Rajneesh Movement



Current Location



What is the ethnicity of Arianna Huffington? Her ethnicity is Greek.


What is the age of Arianna Huffington? Her current age is 73 years (as of 2023).

Educational Career



Alma Mater

Girton College, Cambridge (BA)

Highest Qualification


Professional Career

Arianna Huffington has had a successful professional career as a writer, editor, and media entrepreneur. She was born in Greece in 1950 and later moved to the United States. She began her career as a writer, publishing books and articles on various topics.

In 2005, Arianna co-founded The Huffington Post, a popular news and opinion website. It quickly became a major player in online journalism. She served as the editor-in-chief, helping to shape the website's content and direction. The Huffington Post covered a wide range of topics, including politics, entertainment, and lifestyle.

Arianna's career also extended into politics. She ran for California governor in 2003, although she did not win. She has been a vocal advocate for causes like environmental awareness and women's empowerment.

In 2016, Arianna left The Huffington Post to start a new venture called Thrive Global. This company focuses on well-being and offers solutions to reduce stress and improve mental health.

Arianna Huffington's career is marked by her commitment to journalism, advocacy for important issues, and her dedication to promoting a healthier and more balanced lifestyle for individuals. Her influence in media and her entrepreneurial spirit have left a lasting impact on the industry.

Height & Weight




5 feet 10 inches or 178 cms (approx)


68 kg or 149 lbs (approx)

Hair Color


Eye Color


What is the height of Arianna Huffington? She has a height of 5 feet 10 inches (approx) and a weight of 68 kg (approx).

Net Worth

What is the Net Worth of Arianna Huffington? Her net worth is $100 Million (as of 2023) (approx).

Family, Marital Status, Husband

Marital Status



Michael Huffington ​ ​(m. 1986; div. 1997)

Father / Mother

Father : Konstantinos

Mother : Elli Stasinopoulou


2 Children

Social Media

The social media links to her accounts in Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn & Instagram are given below:

  • Twitter
  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • LinkedIn


Q. What religion does Arianna Huffington follow?

A. Arianna Huffington was a follower of Rajneesh Movement.

Q. Who is the husband of Arianna Huffington?

A. Arianna Huffington was married to Michael Huffington ​ ​(m. 1986; div. 1997). The couple has 2 children together.

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