Will Smith Wiki, Bio, Net Worth, Age, Height, Career & More (2023)

Will Smith, also known by his stage name The Fresh Prince, is an accomplished American actor and rapper. Throughout his career, he has garnered numerous prestigious awards, such as an Academy Award, a BAFTA Award, and four Grammy Awards. As of 2023, his films have generated an astonishing global box office revenue of over $9.3 billion, solidifying his status as one of the most commercially successful and reliable stars in Hollywood.

Will Smith is an iconic figure in the entertainment industry, known for his talent, versatility, and magnetic screen presence.In this article, we will uncover various aspects of his life, including his net worth, biography, age, height, weight, career, controversies and relationships. So, let's dive into the world of Will Smith and learn more about his extraordinary journey.


Born on September 25, 1968, in Philadelphia, Willard Carroll Smith II is the son of Caroline, a school board administrator, and Willard Carroll Smith Sr., a US Air Force veteran and refrigeration engineer. He grew up in West Philadelphia's Wynnefield neighborhood, attended Our Lady of Lourdes Catholic elementary school and Overbrook High School. Also Read - Johnny Depp's Biography.

Will Smith Biography
Will Smith Biography

Smith began rapping at age 12 and received guidance from his grandmother, who encouraged him to express himself intelligently without resorting to profanity. His parents separated when he was 13, and their divorce followed in 2000.

Birth Name

Willard Carroll Smith II


Will Smith 

Birth Date

25 September 1968


54 years old


6 ft 2 inches (188 cms)


82 Kg (181 lbs)

Zodiac Sign



African American




Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, U.S.


Actress, Rapper, Producer


Sheree Zampino ​ ​(m. 1992; div. 1995)​ Jada Pinkett ​(m. 1997)


Jaden Smith, Willow Smith, Trey Smith

Net Worth

$375 Million

Net Worth

Will Smith has achieved remarkable success throughout his career, both as an actor and a producer. As of 2023, Will Smith's estimated net worth stands at a staggering $375 million. Will Smith's sources of incomes includes his movies, brand endorsements and other business ventures. Smith's net worth is a testament to his talent, hard work, and business acumen.


The Journey to Stardom

Smith's journey to stardom began when he formed a rap duo with his childhood friend, DJ Jazzy Jeff, and they released several successful albums. In 1990, Smith's acting career took off when he landed the lead role in the hit television show "The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air." The show's success propelled Smith into the limelight and opened doors for him in the film industry. Also Read - Cillian Murphy's Biography.

Will Smith Career
Will Smith Career

Music Career

Before conquering the world of acting, Will Smith made a name for himself in the music industry. As part of the rap duo DJ Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince, Smith released several chart-topping hits, including "Parents Just Don't Understand" and "Summertime." His infectious energy and witty lyrics propelled him to musical success and laid the foundation for his future endeavors.

Acting Career

Smith's acting career took off with his role in "The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air," where he played a fictionalized version of himself. The show garnered a massive following and established Smith as a talented comedic actor. Building upon this success, he transitioned into feature films and delivered memorable performances in movies such as "Independence Day," "Men in Black," and "Bad Boys."

Business Ventures

In addition to his acting prowess, Smith has ventured into producing, further showcasing his entrepreneurial spirit. He founded Overbrook Entertainment, a production company responsible for producing numerous successful films, including "Ali," "The Pursuit of Happyness," and "The Karate Kid." Smith's ability to wear multiple hats in the entertainment industry has contributed to his enduring success. Smith also owns Treyball Development Inc. with his brother Harry.

Family & Relationships

Will Smith married Sheree Zampino in 1992 but they got divorced in 1995.

Will Smith met Jada Pinkett Smith in the mid-1990s when Pinkett auditioned for a role on "The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air." They married in 1997 and have since become one of Hollywood's power couples. Will Smith have three children, Jaden, Trey and Willow Smith, who have also made names for themselves in the entertainment industry.


During the 94th Academy Awards in March 2022, Will Smith slapped comedian Chris Rock onstage after a joke about his wife's shaved head. Smith refused to leave the ceremony and later won the Best Actor award for his role in "King Richard." He apologized to the Academy but not to Rock in his acceptance speech. 

Smith faced backlash and issued a formal apology on Instagram. ABC, AMPAS, and the Screen Actors Guild condemned Smith, and he resigned from the Academy. Rock chose not to press charges.


Q. What is the net worth of Will Smith?

A. As of 2023, his estimated net worth stands at a staggering $375 million.

Q. What is the height & weight of Will Smith?

A. Will Smith is 6 ft 2 inches tall (188 cms), and his weight is 82 Kg (181 lbs).

Q. How old is Will Smith?

A. Will Smith is 54 years old (Born - 25 September 1968).

Q. What is Will Smith's most successful movie?

A. Will Smith's most successful movie is "Aladdin", which grossed over $1050 million worldwide.

Q. What was Will Smith's debut role?

A. Will Smith started his acting career with his breakout role in the television show "The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air."

Q. Is Will Smith still married?

A. Yes, Will Smith is still married to Jada Pinkett Smith. They have been married since 1997.

Q. Has Will Smith won any awards for his acting?

A. Will Smith's portrayal of Richard Williams in King Richard (2021) earned him prestigious awards including the Academy Award, BAFTA Award, Golden Globe Award, and Screen Actors Guild Award, while his productions Cobra Kai (2021) and Fela! (2009) garnered him Emmy and Tony Award nominations respectively.


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