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Jeff Bezos, an American businessman, has done important things in the business world. He is well-known for creating and leading Amazon, a huge company for online shopping and cloud computing.

By starting, Bezos changed how we shop online and changed the e-commerce industry a lot. In this article, we will talk about different parts of Jeff Bezos' life, like his net worth, his story, age and height, his jobs, where he learned, the many companies he's been a part of, his relationships, and his divorce. Let's explore the interesting life of this smart leader together.


Jeffrey Preston Jorgensen was born in Albuquerque, New Mexico, on January 12, 1964. His parents, Jacklyn and Ted Jorgensen, faced challenges as young parents, but Jacklyn completed high school while caring for Jeff. At the age of two, he attended a Montessori school in Albuquerque. Also Read - Elon Musk's Biography.

Jeff Bezos Biography
Jeff Bezos Biography

Jeff's parents divorced when he was seventeen months old, and his mother married Miguel "Mike" Bezos in 1968. Mike legally adopted Jeff, and the family moved to Houston, Texas, where he attended River Oaks Elementary School. Jeff showed an early interest in science and technology. The family later relocated to Miami, Florida, where he worked at McDonald's during high school. 

Jeff achieved academic success as his high school's valedictorian, a National Merit Scholar, and a Silver Knight Award winner in 1982. He went on to graduate summa cum laude from Princeton University in 1986, majoring in electrical engineering and computer science. Jeff was actively involved in clubs and organizations during his time at Princeton.

Birth Name

Jeffrey Preston Jorgensen


Jeff Bezos


Entrepreneur, Media Proprietor, Investor, Computer Engineer

Birth Date

12 January 1964


59 years old


5 ft 7.5 inches (171 cms)


70 Kg (154 lbs)

Zodiac Sign



Danish-American, Mexican American and Cuban


Albuquerque, New Mexico, U.S.


Princeton University (BSE)


MacKenzie Scott ​ ​(m. 1993-2019)

Net Worth

$150 Billion

Net Worth

Jeff Bezos' net worth has been a subject of fascination for many. As of the latest estimates, Jeff Bezos' net worth stands at a staggering $150 billion. His wealth primarily comes from his ownership stake in Amazon, which he founded in 1994. 

Bezos' entrepreneurial acumen and the remarkable growth of Amazon propelled him to become the richest person in the world. His net worth has seen significant fluctuations over the years, largely driven by the performance of Amazon's stock. It's important to note that Bezos' net worth can vary due to market conditions.

Career & Companies

Fitel & Bankers Trust

After graduating college in 1986, Jeff joined Fitel, a fintech telecommunications startup. He quickly rose to become the head of development and director of customer service. Bezos then moved into the banking industry, working as a product manager at Bankers Trust from 1988 to 1990.

D. E. Shaw & Co

In 1990, Bezos joined D. E. Shaw & Co, a hedge fund focused on mathematical modeling. He became the company's fourth senior vice president by the age of 30. However, Bezos was captivated by the rapid growth of the internet and its potential. 


On July 5, 1994, Bezos founded Amazon in a rented garage in Bellevue, Washington. Initially an online bookstore, Amazon expanded its product range rapidly, thanks to Bezos' vision and Scott's operational expertise. The company went public with an IPO in 1997. Bezos diversified Amazon's offerings into music and video sales and expanded into various consumer goods. Also Read - Bill Gates' Biography.

Jeff Bezos Career
Jeff Bezos Career

In 2002, Amazon launched Amazon Web Services, which compiled data from weather channels and website traffic. The company introduced the Amazon Kindle e-reader in 2007. In 2021, Bezos transitioned from the role of CEO to Executive Chairman of Amazon's Board. He was succeeded as CEO by Andy Jassy.

Blue Origin

In 2000, Jeff Bezos founded Blue Origin for human spaceflight. The company aimed to reduce costs and improve safety. Bezos met Richard Branson for collaboration. Blue Origin developed an orbital launch vehicle, and their New Shepard successfully reached space. 

Bezos emphasized inter-space energy and manufacturing for sustainability. Their goal is to transport humans into sub-orbital space and make humanity multi-planetary. In 2021, Bezos flew on Blue Origin's NS-16 mission, a significant milestone.

The Washington Post

In 2013, Bezos purchased The Washington Post for $250 million, removed the online paywall for certain local newspapers, and transformed it into a profitable media and technology company by focusing on digital media, mobile platforms, and analytics software.

Bezos Expeditions

Bezos makes personal investments through Bezos Expeditions, including early investments in Google. He also invests in healthcare companies like Unity Biotechnology and supports philanthropic projects through direct donations and Bezos Expeditions funding, such as the recovery and display of Apollo 11 rocket engines at the Seattle Museum of Flight.

Altos Labs

Bezos co-founded Altos Labs in September 2021. The biotech company aims to develop longevity therapeutics using cellular reprogramming. With a start capital of $3 billion, Altos Labs launched on January 19, 2022, led by an executive team headed by Hal Barron and renowned scientists such as Juan Carlos Izpis├║a Belmonte, Steve Horvath, and Shinya Yamanaka.

Personal Life

In 1992, Bezos married MacKenzie Tuttle, and they have four children. He was married to MacKenzie Scott from 1993 to 2019. In 1994, they moved to Seattle, where Bezos founded Amazon. In 2003, Bezos survived a helicopter crash while surveying land for Blue Origin. He made a cameo appearance in the film Star Trek Beyond. Also Read - Melinda Gates' Biography.

Jeff Bezos Personal Life
Jeff Bezos & MacKenzie Scott

Bezos and MacKenzie divorced in 2019, with him keeping 75% of their Amazon stock and all voting rights. He accused the National Enquirer of extortion and blackmail after they threatened to publish intimate photos. Bezos speculated that the source of the leaked photos may have been the Saudi Arabian government.


Q. What is Jeff Bezos' educational background?

A. Jeff Bezos attended Princeton University, where he graduated with a degree in computer science and electrical engineering.

Q. How old is Jeff Bezos?

A. Jeff Bezos is 59 years old (Born - 12 January 1964).

Q. What is the current net worth of Jeff Bezos?

A. As of the latest estimates, Jeff Bezos' net worth stands at $190 billion, primarily driven by his ownership stake in Amazon.

Q. What is Blue Origin?

A. Blue Origin is a private aerospace manufacturer and spaceflight services company founded by Jeff Bezos. It aims to make space travel more accessible and sustainable.

Q. Who is Jeff Bezos' ex-wife?

A. Jeff Bezos' ex-wife is MacKenzie Scott. They were married from 1993 to 2019 and have four children together.

Q. When did Jeff Bezos found Amazon?

A. Jeff Bezos founded in 1994, starting as an online bookstore and later expanding into various product categories.


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