Nicky Hilton Wiki, Bio, Net Worth, Age, Height & More (2023)

Nicky Hilton is an American woman who is famous for being a model, socialite, and designer. She has been very successful in her business ventures and has made a lot of money. She is well-known in different industries like fashion and business

Nicky was born into a rich family called the Hiltons and she has become a popular person in high society. In this article, we will talk about her wealth, background, age, height, family, and relationships.


Hilton, born in NYC, raised in LA, is the younger daughter of Richard Hilton (hotel heir) and Kathy Hilton (former actress), making her Paris Hilton's sister. She has two younger brothers. Also Read - Bianca Ghezzi's Biography.

Nicky Hilton Biography
Nicky Hilton Biography

Raised Catholic, she has diverse ancestry (Norwegian, German, Italian, English, Irish, and Scottish). Hilton attended Convent of the Sacred Heart, graduating in 2001. She took courses at Fashion Institute of Technology and Parsons The New School for Design but lacks a degree.

Birth Name

Nicholai Olivia Rothschild

Nick Name(s)

Nicky Hilton

Birth Date

5 October 1983


39 years old


5 ft 7 inches (170 cms)


55 kg (121 lbs)

Body Measurements


Zodiac Sign



Catholic Christian


Norwegian, German, Italian, English, Irish, and Scottish




New York City, United States


Actress, Media Personality, Author, Businesswoman


James Rothschild (m. 2015), Todd Meister (m. 2004–2004)


Rick Hilton, Kathy Hilton


Hilton Rothschild, Lily-Grace Victoria, Theodora "Teddy" Marilyn


Paris Hilton, Conrad Hughes Hilton, Barron Hilton II

Net Worth

$100 Million

Net Worth

When discussing Nicky Hilton, it is impossible to overlook her remarkable wealth. As a versatile entrepreneur and astute businesswoman, she has amassed a substantial fortune through her diverse ventures. It is estimated that Nicky Hilton's net worth is approximately $100 million.

Her wealth originates from various sources, encompassing her fashion line, collaborations with brands, modeling career, and investments in real estate. Through unwavering determination and an enterprising spirit, Nicky Hilton has established herself as a prosperous businesswoman.


In 2004, Hilton launched her clothing line and designed handbags for Samantha Thavasa. She introduced a higher-priced line called Nicholai in 2007. Hilton's 2014 collection with eLuxe was inspired by her personal style and named after women in her family. She ventured into jewelry in 2010, featuring Art Deco designs. Also Read - Becca Vlaszof's Biography.

Nicky Hilton Career
Nicky Hilton Career

Hilton collaborated with Linea Pelle for handbags in 2015, focusing on timeless pieces. She partnered with Tolani for Mommy and Me collections in 2017 and 2019, and released her first footwear line with French Sole in 2019. Additionally, Hilton modeled for Antz Pantz underwear and appeared on the cover of Lucire magazine.

Business Ventures

In 2006, Hilton partnered to open two Nicky O Hotels in Miami and Chicago. However, she later sued her partner for damages and to stop his use of the name. In 2014, Hilton authored her book "365 Style," published by Harlequin, a HarperCollins subsidiary. In 2015, she collaborated with Smashbox to create limited-edition cat-inspired makeup kits representing her favorite cities: New York City, Los Angeles, and London.

Personal Life

In August 2004, Hilton married Todd Meister in Las Vegas but got the marriage annulled within three months, citing impulsiveness. In 2011, she started dating James Rothschild, a member of the Rothschild family, and got engaged in 2014. 

They married in London in July 2015, with Paris Hilton as the maid of honor, and went on a honeymoon to Botswana. They have three children: two daughters born in July 2016 and December 2017, and a son born in July 2022.


Q. What is Nicky Hilton's relationship with Paris Hilton?

A. Nicky Hilton shares a close bond with her older sister, Paris Hilton. They have been seen supporting each others in various endeavors and attending social events together. 

Q. Has Nicky Hilton pursued a career in modeling?

A. Yes, Nicky Hilton has ventured into the world of modeling. 

Q. Is Nicky older than Paris?

A. No, Nicky is 2 years younger than Paris.

Q. What is Nicky Hilton's height and weight?

A. Nicky is 5 ft 7 inches tall (170 cms) and her weight is around 55 Kg (121 lbs).

Q. What is Nicky Hilton' age?

A. As of 2023, Nicky is 39 years old (Born - 5 October 1983).

Q. What is Nicky Hilton's net worth?

A. Nicky Hilton's net worth is estimated to be around $100 million.


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