Mauricio Umansky Wiki, Bio, Net Worth, Age, Wife & More (2023)

Mauricio Umansky is a prominent Mexican entrepreneur and television personality. He has made a name for himself in the real estate industry and enjoys a substantial fortune of approximately $100 million. While many may recognize him as the husband of Kyle Richards from the popular TV show "Real Housewives of Beverly Hills," Mauricio has built his own success. 

Mauricio is highly regarded as a reputable real estate agent and a successful entrepreneur. In this article, we will explore the personal and professional achievements, as well as his family life. Let's dive in!


Mauricio Umansky was born on June 25, 1970, in Mexico. His mother, Estella Sneider, is a well-known figure in Mexico, being a radio and television personality, as well as a sex therapist, psychologist, and author. Mauricio faced challenges during his early years as he was diagnosed with a medical condition called neutropenia, which caused a low white blood cell count. Consequently, he had to spend a lot of time in the hospital. 

Mauricio Umansky with his Family
Mauricio Umansky with his Family

When he was six years old, Mauricio and his family moved to the United States. Although he initially attended the University of Southern California, he decided to drop out in order to pursue his entrepreneurial endeavors.

Birth Name

Mauricio Umansky

Nick Name(s)


Birth Date

25 June 1970


53 years old


5 ft 9 inches (175 cms)


78 Kg (171 lbs)

Zodiac Sign







Mexican, American




Media Personality, Entrepreneur, Real Estate Agent


Eduardo Umansky, Estella Sneider


Sophia Umansky, Alexia Umansky, Portia Umansky

Net Worth

$100 Million

Net Worth

Mauricio Umansky has achieved remarkable success in his career, which has greatly contributed to his net worth. According to the latest estimates, Mauricio Umansky's net worth is approximately $100 million. His impressive real estate portfolio, successful business ventures, and extensive list of high-profile clients have played a pivotal role in his financial prosperity. 

On average, Umansky sells properties worth more than $150 million each year, and this figure does not even include commissions earned from referrals and his network of agents. Presently, he serves as the CEO of The Agency, a highly prosperous real estate firm.


After leaving college, Umansky ventured into the business world and had great success with his own clothing line. At the age of 26, he sold the clothing line for a significant profit. Following that, he joined the prestigious brokerage firm Hilton & Hyland, where he gained valuable experience and sharpened his skills. Mauricio's dedication and passion for the industry propelled him to become a highly regarded real estate agent known for his exceptional performance.

In 2011, Mauricio Umansky took a significant step by co-founding The Agency, a luxury real estate brokerage firm situated in Beverly Hills, California. The Agency quickly earned acclaim for its innovative strategies, advanced technology, and outstanding customer service. Under Mauricio's guidance, The Agency expanded its operations and established a formidable presence in the real estate market.

Family, Relationships & Divorce

Mauricio Umansky is married to Kyle Richards, who is known for her role on the TV show "The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills." They got married in 1996 and have three daughters together named Portia, Alexia, and Sophia. Mauricio also has a step-daughter named Farrah. You might have seen all four daughters on "The Real Housewives" where they have these really fancy and extravagant birthday parties.

Mauricio Umansky with his Wife
Mauricio Umansky with his Wife

Mauricio is also related to Kim Richards, Kathy Hilton, and Rick Hilton. Kyle Richards, his wife, is actually the aunt of Paris and Nicky Hilton.
Even though Mauricio Umansky has a busy job, he believes it's crucial to balance work and family. He values spending quality time with his loved ones and makes sure to be there for his children. Many people find his dedication to family inspiring because it shows that you can succeed both at work and in your personal life.

Kyle Richards and Mauricio Umansky have responded to rumors about their marriage. The stars of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills said that the rumors about them getting a divorce soon are not true. A source had claimed that they have been living apart for some time, but Kyle and Mauricio denied this.


Q. What is Mauricio Umansky's age?

A. Mauricio Umansky was born on June 25, 1970, which makes him currently 53 years old.

Q. How tall is Mauricio Umansky?

A. Mauricio Umansky stands at a height of approximately 5 ft 9 inches(175 cms) tall.

Q. What is Mauricio Umansky's family background?

A. Mauricio Umansky was born in Mexico City, Mexico, and comes from a Jewish-Mexican background.

Q. How did Mauricio Umansky meet his wife, Kyle Richards?

A. Mauricio Umansky and Kyle Richards met through mutual friends and got married in 1996.

Q. Does Mauricio Umansky have any children?

A. Yes, Mauricio Umansky and Kyle Richards have three daughters named Alexia, Sophia, and Portia.

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