Mark Wahlberg Wiki, Bio, Net Worth, Age, Height, Career & More (2023)

Mark Wahlberg, a name that echoes through the realms of Hollywood, a versatile actor, a successful producer, and a multi-talented individual. From his humble beginnings in the streets of Boston to becoming one of the highest-paid actors in the industry, Mark Wahlberg's journey is nothing short of extraordinary. 

In this article, we will explore the life and career of Mark Wahlberg, exploring his net worth, biography, age, height, movies, relationships, controversies, houses, and cars.


Mark Wahlberg, born June 5, 1971, in Boston, Massachusetts, is an American actor and producer. He is the youngest of nine children, including actor Robert and singer/actor Donnie. His parents divorced in 1982, and he split his time between them. Also Read - Cillian Murphy's Biography.

Mark Wahlberg Biography
Mark Wahlberg Biography

Wahlberg has Swedish and Irish ancestry through his father and Irish, English, and French-Canadian ancestry through his mother. Raised Catholic, he struggled with addiction to cocaine and other substances from a young age. He obtained his high school diploma at age 42 in June 2013.

Birth Name

Mark Robert Michael Wahlberg

Nick Name(s)

Mark Wahlberg

Birth Date

5 June 1971


52 years old


5 ft 8 inches (173 cms)


78 Kg (171 lbs)

Zodiac Sign



French-Canadian, English, Irish and Scottish


Catholic Christian


Boston, Massachusetts, U.S.


Snowden International School


Actor, Producer, Businessman, Model, Rapper, Singer, and Songwriter


Rhea Durham ​(m. 2009)


Ella Rae Wahlberg, Brendan Wahlberg, Grace Margaret Wahlberg, Michael Wahlberg


Alma Wahlberg, Donald Wahlberg

Net Worth

$400 Million

Net Worth

When discussing Mark Wahlberg, the topic of his net worth inevitably arises. As of the latest reports, Mark Wahlberg's net worth stands at a staggering $400 million. His prolific career in acting, producing, and various business ventures has contributed significantly to his wealth. Wahlberg's ability to adapt to different roles and entertain audiences worldwide has been the key to his financial success.



Mark Wahlberg gained initial fame as the younger brother of Donnie Wahlberg from New Kids on the Block. At 13, he briefly joined the group but left before their success. In 1990, he formed Marky Mark and the Funky Bunch, achieving a hit with "Good Vibrations." Their second album was less successful. Also Read - Johnny Depp's Biography.

Mark Wahlberg Career
Mark Wahlberg Career

Wahlberg faced controversy in 1992 when he praised Shabba Ranks, who made anti-gay remarks, leading to criticism from GLAAD. He later collaborated with Prince Ital Joe on the album "Life in the Streets." Wahlberg released solo tracks and worked on a third studio album. In 2000, he appeared in the Black Label Society's music video for "Counterfeit God".


Wahlberg gained fame through the "Good Vibrations" video and Calvin Klein underwear ads. He modeled with Kate Moss for magazines and TV. He also released "The Marky Mark Workout" video. In 2012, he became a brand ambassador for GNC's Marked supplements. In 2017, he became a spokesman for AT&T and created content for their mobile network division.


Mark Wahlberg made his acting debut in 1993, dropping his "Marky Mark" name. He gained critical attention in "The Basketball Diaries" (1995) and starred in "Fear" (1996). He received acclaim for films like "Boogie Nights", "Three Kings", and "The Perfect Storm". Wahlberg was nominated for an Academy Award for "The Departed" (2006). 

He also starred in "Ted" (2012) and "Lone Survivor" (2013). Wahlberg faced controversy over a gender pay gap in 2018 and topped the list of highest-paid actors in 2017. He produced and starred in "Mile 22" (2018) and appeared in "Spenser Confidential" (2020) and "Scoob!" (2020). In 2022, he starred in the film "Uncharted".

Highest Grossing Movies

Here are top 10 highest grossing movies of Mark Wahlberg:

  • Transformers: Age of Extinction (2014) - $1,104 Million
  • Transformers: The Last Knight (2017) - $605 Million
  • Ted (2012) - $549 Million
  • Planet of the Apes (2001) - $362 Million
  • The Perfect Storm (2000) - $329 Million
  • The Departed (2006) - $290 Million
  • Daddy's Home (2015) - $243 Million
  • Ted 2 (2015) - $217 Million
  • Daddy's Home 2 (2017) - $180 Million
  • The Italian Job (2003) - $176 Million


As one of the highest-earning actors in Hollywood, Mark Wahlberg owns an impressive real estate portfolio. His lavish mansion in Beverly Hills, California, stands as a testament to his success and prosperity. The property is a sprawling estate with state-of-the-art amenities, reflecting Wahlberg's taste for the finer things in life.

Cars Collection

When it comes to cars, Mark Wahlberg's garage is a haven for automobile enthusiasts. His collection features an array of luxury vehicles, including a sleek Bugatti Veyron, a powerful Ferrari 458 Italia, and a classic Chevrolet Camaro. Wahlberg's love for cars is evident in his carefully curated collection.

  • Rolls Royce Cullinan
  • Porsche Panamera
  • Rolls Royce Phantom
  • Bentley Azure T
  • Cadillac Escalade
  • Lamborghini Diablo VT
  • Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG
  • Toyota Sienna
  • Mercedes S-Class
  • Bentley Mulsanne
  • Mercedes G63 AMG

Business Ventures

Mark Wahlberg is a very successful entrepreneur, and his businesses contributes largely to his net worth.
His prominent business includes:
  • Wahlburgers: One of Mark Wahlberg's most well-known business ventures is Wahlburgers, a chain of casual dining restaurants founded in 2011.
  • Performance Inspired: Mark Wahlberg co-founded Performance Inspired, a fitness and wellness supplement company.
  • Aquahydrate: Wahlberg is also a co-owner of Aquahydrate, a brand of high-performance alkaline water.
  • Mark Wahlberg Youth Foundation: Mark is actively involved in philanthropy through his Mark Wahlberg Youth Foundation.
  • Production Company: Apart from his entrepreneurial ventures, Mark Wahlberg is also involved in the entertainment industry as a producer. He co-owns the production company Unrealistic Ideas, which is involved in producing films, TV shows, and other media projects.
  • Car Dealerships: Wahlberg owns several car dealerships in partnership with Jay Feldman, a longtime automotive dealer. They operate dealerships for brands like Chevrolet, Buick, GMC, and more.
  • Fitness Ventures: As a fitness enthusiast, Wahlberg has also invested in various fitness-related businesses and gyms.

Personal Life

Mark Wahlberg began dating Rhea Durham in 2001. They married in August 2009 and have four children together. He was scheduled to be on American Airlines Flight 11 on September 11, 2001, but changed plans the day before. Wahlberg faced criticism for remarks about how he would have handled the situation differently if he had been on the plane with his kids. He apologized for his comments afterward. Also Read - Will Smith's Biography.

Mark Wahlberg with The Rock
Mark Wahlberg with The Rock

Wahlberg is a devout Catholic and considers his religion essential in his life. He supports same-sex marriage despite the Church's opposition. He established the Mark Wahlberg Youth Foundation in 2001 to support youth programs, and he is involved with The Good Shepherd Center for Homeless Women and Children. In 2023, he moved his family from Hollywood to Las Vegas.


Throughout his career, Mark Wahlberg has faced controversies that threatened to tarnish his reputation. In his youth, he was involved in several racially motivated incidents, which led to legal troubles. However, Wahlberg has been vocal about his regrets and the efforts he made to change his life around. He received a pardon for his past convictions in 2014, symbolizing his commitment to personal growth and redemption.


Q. What is Mark Wahlberg's highest-grossing movie?

A. Mark Wahlberg's highest-grossing movie is "Transformers: Age of Extinction." The film, released in 2014, grossed over $1.1 billion worldwide, solidifying Wahlberg's status as a box office draw.

Q. How did Mark Wahlberg start his acting career (debut)?

A. Mark Wahlberg's acting career began with his debut in the 1994 film "Renaissance Man." Prior to acting, he was a rapper, gaining fame as Marky Mark in the early '90s.

Q. What business ventures does Mark Wahlberg have?

A. Apart from his successful acting and producing career, Mark Wahlberg is involved in various business ventures. He co-owns the restaurant chain Wahlburgers, has a line of fitness supplements, and is a co-owner of the Aquahydrate water brand.

Q. How old is Mark Wahlberg?

A. Mark Wahlberg is 52 years old (Born - 5 June 1971).

Q.How tall is Mark Wahlberg?

A. Mark stands at a height of 5 ft 8 inches (173 cms).

Q. Has Mark Walhberg won any oscar award?

A. As of now he has not won any oscar award but he was nominated for his supported role in "The Departed".

Q.  How did Mark Wahlberg overcome his troubled past?

A. Mark Wahlberg took responsibility for his past actions, sought counseling, and embraced a positive lifestyle change. He has since become an advocate for reform and personal growth.


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