Grace Hightower Wiki, Bio, Net Worth, Age, Height & More (2023)

Grace Hightower is someone who likes to help others and give back. She is part of the New York Women's Foundation and the New York Fund for Public Schools. She also works with Ronald Perlman's Women's Heart Health Advisory Council and the International Women's Coffee Alliance. 

On top of that, she has her own charity called Grace Hightower & Coffees of Rwanda. Their mission is to improve the lives of people in Rwanda by selling and distributing products globally.


Grace Hightower was born on April 7, 1955, in Kilmichael, Mississippi, USA. She had a modest upbringing and faced numerous challenges during her early life. However, her unwavering spirit and perseverance guided her towards a path of greatness.

Grace Hightower with Robert De Niro
Grace Hightower with Robert De Niro

In her early life, Grace faced financial hardships, but she always dreamt big. Her determination to overcome obstacles led her to pursue various opportunities to secure a better future. Grace's family played a crucial role in shaping her character, instilling values of hard work and compassion.

Birth Name

Grace Hightower

Nick Name(s)


Birth Date

7 April 1955


68 years old


5 ft 6 inches (168 cms)


62 kg (136 lbs)

Body Measurement


Zodiac Sign









Kilmichael, Mississippi, USA


Actress, Singer, Flight Attendant


Robert De Niro (m. 1997-2018)


Elliot De Niro, Helen Grace De Niro

Net Worth

$20 Million

Net Worth

Grace Hightower's remarkable journey extends beyond her personal life. As an accomplished entrepreneur, she ventured into various business endeavors, contributing to her substantial net worth. Her successful ventures and investments have garnered her significant financial rewards.

Grace's net worth, as of 2023, is estimated to be around $20 million. Her hard work, business acumen, and dedication have undoubtedly played a crucial role in her financial success.

Family & Relationships

At a young age, Grace Hightower moved to New York City, where fate had a grand plan awaiting her. In 1987, destiny brought her face-to-face with the renowned actor, Robert De Niro, at a restaurant in London. Their encounter marked the beginning of a beautiful love story.

After a whirlwind romance, Grace and Robert tied the knot in 1997. Grace and Robert have two children: son Elliot (born 1998) and daughter Helen Grace (born 2011 through surrogacy).

Grace Hightower and Robert De Niro separated in 2018. Robert had previously filed for divorce back in 1999, but they later reconciled.


Q. What is Grace Hightower's early life like?

A. Grace Hightower's early life was marked by challenges, growing up in a modest household. However, she always possessed a tenacious spirit, never allowing circumstances to hold her back.

Q. How did Grace meet Robert De Niro?

A. Grace met Robert De Niro at a restaurant in London in 1987. Their chance encounter led to a beautiful love story and eventual marriage.

Q. What is Grace Hightower's net worth?

A. As of 2023, Grace Hightower's net worth is estimated to be around $20 million, earned through successful business ventures and investments.

Q. How old is Grace Hightower?

A. Grace Hightower is 68 years old (Born - 7 April 1955).

Q. How many kids does Grace Hightower have with Robert De Niro?

A. Grace and Robert have two children: son Elliot (born 1998) and daughter Helen Grace (born 2011 through surrogacy).


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