Tristan Tate Wiki, Bio, Net Worth, Age, Height & More (2023)

In the world of famous people and social media stars, it's quite normal for someone to become really popular and get noticed by millions of people. One person who has been getting a lot of attention lately is Tristan Tate. He is known for being charming and having a personality that some people find controversial. 

Tristan Tate and Andrew Tate
Tristan Tate and Andrew Tate

In this detailed article, we will take a close look at Tristan Tate's life. We'll talk about how much money he has, his background, how old and tall he is, what he does for a living, and the things that have caused controversy around him. So, let's get started and learn more about Tristan Tate!

Tristan Tate Net Worth

Tristan Tate makes money in different ways. He owns casinos and makes money from them. He also earns a good amount of money from his kickboxing career. He does well in the fitness industry too. 

Additionally, he has a very expensive and beautiful property in a peaceful location in Romania. Tristan and his team have also invested in cryptocurrency. Tate has also been in the spotlight for his work as a sports commentator. The Tate brothers have made massive success and fortune from their businesses. In 2023, it is estimated that Tristan Tate's total worth is about $140 million.

Tristan Tate Net Worth Growth

Tristan Tate Net Worth in 2023

$140 Million

Tristan Tate Net Worth in 2022

$122 Million

Tristan Tate Net Worth in 2021

$100 Million

Tristan Tate Net Worth in 2020

$95 Million

Tristan Tate Net Worth in 2019

$80 Million

Tristan Tate Net Worth in 2018

$68 Million

Tristan Tate Sources of Income

Tristan Tate's net worth can be attributed to several sources of income. These include:

  • Social Media Sponsorships: As a social media influencer, Tristan collaborates with various brands and companies, promoting their products and services to his massive following.
  • YouTube Revenue: Tristan's YouTube channel has gained immense popularity, accumulating millions of views. The ad revenue generated from his videos contributes significantly to his net worth.
  • Merchandise Sales: Tristan Tate has also ventured into the world of merchandise, offering branded products to his dedicated fanbase. This additional revenue stream adds to his overall net worth.


Tristan Tate was born on July 15, 1988, in Washington D.C., United States. He grew up with his older brother, Andrew Tate, and his sister, Janie Tate. They had a middle-class family and faced the challenges that come with making a living. Also Read - Mr Beast's Biography.

Tristan Tate Biography
Tristan Tate Biography

Tristan Tate's father, Emory Tate, was a talented chess player who won the US military championship three times. He served in the military but later had to take on small jobs to support the family. Unfortunately, their income was not enough to cover all the expenses. Then, a tragedy struck the family when his father passed away in 2015 due to a heart attack.

Following this, Tristan Tate's mother, Eileen Tate, decided to move the family to England when Tristan was 8 years old. In England, they faced some teasing from other children because of their American accents.


Tristan Tate

Birth Place

Washington DC, United States

Date Of Birth

15 July 1988


35 years old


6 ft 3 inches (192 cms)


85 kg (187 lbs)


Emory Tate, Eileen Tate


Andrew Tate, Janie Tate





Zodiac Sign



The former kickboxer, businessman, television personality

Net Worth

$140 million


Tristan, like his brother Andrew, was interested in kickboxing. He decided to pursue a career in kickboxing to continue the family tradition. However, they soon realized that kickboxing didn't pay much money. The most Tristan earned for a single fight was only $100,000, which wasn't enough to support a family. So, they both decided to quit the sport. Also Read - Tyler Brevis aka Ninja's Biography.

Tristan Tate Career
Tristan Tate Career

Tristan wanted to become popular, so he participated in a show called "Shipwrecked: The Island." The show promised a prize of 50 thousand pounds if he won. Unfortunately, he didn't win the series, but he gained a lot of passionate fans as a result.

After that, both brothers decided to start their own businesses and moved to Romania. Even though they were in a new country, Tristan's passion for fighting remained strong. He stayed connected with RXF and Superkombat.

The brothers also invested their money in cryptocurrency and other similar ventures. They even opened several casinos all across Romania. As a result, the Tate brothers have become very wealthy, with millions of dollars to their name.

Personal Life

Tristan Tate is a respected entrepreneur and well-known celebrity, but sometimes rumors can spread quickly. There have been rumors about Tristan being in a romantic relationship with Bianca Dragusanu, a presenter and TV host. Some people speculate that Bianca may have been unfaithful to her husband, Victor Slav. They were often seen together, which led to Bianca and Victor separating.

Because of this relationship, Tristan had to cancel his show called 'I Want You Close To Me' because it was affecting his reputation and the reputation of his family in a negative way.

Assets & Lifestyle

Home: Tristan Tate is a famous person who holds American and British nationality. He was born in Washington but later moved to Luton. After retiring from kickboxing, he settled in Romania where he started his own business. He now owns many restaurants and casinos there. He also has properties in England, Romania, and the USA.

Car collection: Tristan Tate has a big collection of cars of all kinds. He owns stunning vehicles like the Cadillac Escalade, Bentley Continental GT, Rolls Royce, Jaguar, and many others.

Rolls Royce Wraith




Aston Martin Vanquish S Ultimate


Porsche 922


Bugatti Chiron Pur Sport

$4.2 Million

Ferrari F58 Italia


Lamborghini Aventador EVO RWD Spyder



On April 11, 2022, the Romanian police raided the villa of the Tate brothers in Pipera following a tip received by the U.S. embassy about a possible American woman being held there. The investigation was taken over by Romania's Directorate for Investigating Organized Crime and Terrorism (DIICOT), which expanded it to include allegations of human trafficking and rape. As of April 27, no charges or arrests had been made in the case, and both brothers denied any wrongdoing. Also Read - Mexican Social Media Star Fofo Marquez.

Tristan Tate Controversies
Tristan Tate Controversies

Later that year, on December 29, the Tates, along with two Romanian women, were arrested in Bucharest. They are suspected of involvement in human trafficking and forming an organized crime group, with one individual also suspected of rape. The DIICOT alleges that the Tates coerced victims into creating explicit content for websites like OnlyFans as part of their alleged criminal group. Prosecutors have identified six women who were sexually exploited by the suspects.

The four individuals remained in police custody until March 31, 2023, when a Bucharest court placed them under house arrest. While still under house arrest on April 25, Tristan received an additional charge of inciting violence. The prosecutors have also mentioned investigating potential charges of money laundering, although no charges have been filed as of yet.


Q. Who is Tristan Tate?

A. Tristan Tate is a former kickboxer, businessman, television personality, influencer and brother of Andrew Tate.

Q. What is the net worth of Tristan Tate?

A. Tristan Tate’s total net worth is around $140 Million.

Q. What is the age of Tristan Tate?

A. Currently, Tristan Tate is 35 years old (15 July 1988).

Q. What is the Height of Tristan Tate?

A. The Height of Tristan Tate is 6 ft 3 inches (192 cms).

Q. Is Tristan Tate dating someone?

A. No, Tristan Tate is currently Single.

Q. Is Tristan younger than Andrew?

A. Yes, Tristan Tate is younger than Andrew Tate.



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